Scott Darks, M.A. LPC-MHSP

On a personal note:

I am married and the father of two teenage kids. I enjoy sports, movies, and music. My hobbies include golf, camping, hiking, and kayaking. I was born in Hendersonville, Tennessee where I currently live and work.

I graduated with my Master's in counseling from Trevecca University in 2009. From there, I gained my counseling license and went on to earn my Mental Health Service Provider (MHSP) designation in 2014. I have experience helping teenagers, adults, and couples with stress and anxiety, depression, relationship issues, family conflicts, and parenting. Aside from individual, couples, and family counseling, I have facilitated educational and therapeutic groups in nationally recognized curriculum, Boundaries and Scream Free Parenting.

Inside the room:

I mostly rely on CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) in my sessions. CBT is a form of talk therapy that emphasizes collaboration between therapist and client. It is a conversation that focuses on understanding how our thoughts and behaviors are connected. Many times, these thoughts and behaviors become learned patterns and automatic responses. I enjoy CBT because there is a sense of logic to it that can be discussed and understood in sessions, and then looked at in the context of the client's life. CBT is a highly effective and widely respected modality that has the research and outcomes to back it up. While a client's life or the discussed issue might be complex, the way forward may be simple (but not always easy). CBT has a focus on the now and on moving forward.

I tend to lean towards being more direct when talking through issues expressed by clients. I hope to understand the issue correctly, so that our work can be more focused. I believe clients come to counseling for more than just information, and desire more than just head nods and "uh-huhs". While it is important for clients to come to their own conclusions and decisions, I actively engage in sessions to provide support and guidance throughout the process. I hope clients leave each session feeling heard, respected, and understood. I hope there is a belief that progress is being made and that I am committed to working towards their goal. 

Exploring feelings and certain topics can be challenging. I hope to offer you a safe, welcoming space to do that. I believe there is value in and a benefit to talking about these things with someone who can provide insight and solutions without judgement. I look forward to doing that with you.